Intelligent Flushing Device Bidet

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This one is Intelligent Toilet Flushing Sanitary Device. This smart toilet seat bidet does not need battery to give you cleaning. It has water pressure adjustment and 5 different nozzle outlets. 

Keep yourself clean and and sanitized always, specially after defecation, with our intelligent flushing sanitary device. It is very easy to install, does not need much tools, plumber or hard-work. 

This toilet seat bidet only needs 5 seconds to operate.

The controller can adjust 5 kinds of outlet water quantity and the size of the controller is suitable for hand to control. The nozzle is extendable and it has five different outlets. 


Detach the toilet seat cover and install two blue rings and press the sucker to the toilet seat.
Press the controller to the water tank then install the controller cap.
When install the controller cap, you need to press the blue button in the top right side.
Install the soft hose with steel cap and connect with controller.
Close the water valve and install the three way valve and use the steel cap to fixed the hose.

Note: The size of the water pipe joint is 1/2 Inch, please make sure to the size of the water joint can fits yours. Or you can find a adapter to fit this water pipe joint.