Air Mattress Rental

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Air Mattress is a pressure mattress system providing both alternating pressure and static pressure. The air mattress pump provides 
alternating pressure and is designed to be used in the prevention, treatment and management of pressure ulcers. Manufacturer might be different then in the picture.

Special vibration isolating features insure that the patient rests easily without feeling the pumps vibrating action.
LED and audible alarm provide critical performance data and alert caregivers when pressure falls below 10mmHg (inner mattress pressure).
Quick fill adapter.
Spring lined air tubes prevent kinks and disruption of air flow.
CPR valves provide fast (20-Second) deflation.
Low Air Loss Mattress Weight Capacity: 350 lbs



  • The equipment is first cleaned with a dry soft cloth and air spray to get rid of all the debris and dust particles.
  • Then a 75% alcohol based disinfectant is sprayed throughout the equipment especially at the point of contact like the wheelchair arm rest and wheel rims or the Knee walker handles and seats. We let the disinfectant sit for 15 minutes  before the wipe down.
  • The mobility equipment seats are cleaned with brushes to make sure all dust, lint, hair and debris are taken out and then sprayed on with the 75% alcohol based disinfectant.
  • Each air cell on the air mattress is sprayed with a 75% alcohol based disinfectant and left for 15 minutes before the air cells are wiped down. The cover on the air mattress are wiped down with a mild detergent.