Training Hand Posture Corrector

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Hand thumb long tendons and extensor tendon refers to the function exercise, Prevention and correction contracture stiff

Wrist extensor and stretch refers to machine paralysis (Radial side nerve palsy)

Patients with hemiplegia wrist and finger dysfunction; Fingers and wrists weakness; Through the training to improve the related parts of the muscle and joint activities associated with increased.

Drop hand(radial nerve injury),Tendon repair

Post-op exercises



Wrist and fingers dynamic orthotic devices, refers to the dynamic straightening machine, aluminum alloy frame, tension spring, sponge cloth pad and breathable arc glue plastic board material production. Wear comfortable, easy to use.
Rely on the aluminium alloy support on the tension spring, make the fingers and wrist keep back bent at the same time and activities.
Cloth sleeve is removable, convenient for cleaning
Size: Suitable for children and regardless right or left hand.
Washing method: This product can be hand washed in cold or lukewarm water with mild soap or detergent and air dried. Wash and dry in the shade.

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