Hospital Bed For Home Use (Full Automatic Electric)

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Get comfort and luxury with our ultimate range of Hospital Beds.

Are you wondering about the design?

Don’t look anywhere else as our uniquely designed beds will give you a feeling of euphoria when you climb into them and will ensure the healing process is accelerated so that you are back on your feet in no time.

They are specially designed for hospitalized patients or anybody that is in need of emergency or normal health care. The beds are equipped with special features for the well-being and comfort of the patient and also help the health care workers work around the patient in an efficient manner.

The full electric range is quiet and works in a smooth manner. It comes with an easy-to-use hand pendant that electronically controls the positioning of the head and foot section and of course the overall height of the bed frame.

This gives the patient and the care taker maximum comfort and flexibility.

Here is a summary of all the awesome key features:

  • Easy to set up.
  • Channel frame construction provides superior strength and reduced weight.
  • Reinforced frame resists twisting and bending.
  • Heavy-duty bed ends; attractive and easy to maintain.
  • Clip-on pendant mounts on bed rail, operate Head and Foot section simultaneously.
  • Full rails available.
  • Comes with hospital bed foam and spring mattress.
  • Actual bed might be different than in the picture.

Few specifications that you should make note of:

  • Bed Height: 15”- 23”
  • Weight Limit: 450 lbs

Please call and inquire about your requirements and we will be glad to help you in whatever way possible.

A few things to ponder about before Purchasing or Renting any Medical Equipment:

  • We are local to Chicago Land area and you can visit us any time.
  • Monday to Friday 10am - 7pm.
  • Address: 6001 W. Dempster St., Morton Grove, IL 60053