Oxygen Concentrator for rent
Oxygen Concentrator for rent

Oxygen Concentrator for rent

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NOTE: If you want coverage under an insurance plan please call (773) 822-7520. We will assist in getting the oxygen concentrator approved by your insurance.

We supply 5L concentrators with 

1) 50ft Tubing

2) 7' Canula

3) Swivel/Connector

4) Humidifier bottle. 

All prices are inclusive of the accessories.

Why rent an oxygen concentrator? Oxygen Concentrators provide vital medical support for oxygen therapy patients. We rent home oxygen concentrators as well as home fill oxygen tank systems.  These oxygen machines are available for rent on a week-to-week basis. 

- Renting an oxygen concentrator allows an oxygen patient to try it out before purchasing a concentrator.

- Renting an oxygen concentrator is cost effective for a short and quick recovery

- Rent an oxygen concentrator from a vendor in the city you are visiting. Why risk damaging or loosing your own concentrator while travelling.

- Rent an oxygen concentrator if yours's is being serviced or mal functioning.