Splint Finger Straightener for Hemiplegia

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This product is lightweight, easy to carry, wear about 20 minutes to remove a finger spasms(wits), you can wear it at any place and anytime, can adjustable elastic strap. Tape relatively soft texture, but there is no flexibility, can be good to avoid partial strangulation fingers too tightly.(Straps are unified computer-controlled machines cut, the edge is very smooth and comfortable to wear.)
  1. Suitable For People: Brain injury, cerebral palsy, paraplegia, cerebral infarction sequela, muscle tension, limb abnormal tension and brain injury patients.
  2. Main Effects: inhibition finger stroke or rheumatoid arthritis caused by deformed fingers, to prevent the fingers bent spasm or atrophy. 
  3. Portable: Lightweight and easy to carry.
  4. With Breathable Holes: It has a number of vents to prevent the user from sweating in the process of use.
  1. To prevent the fingers cramp bent spasm or atrophy
  2. The fingers erosion prevention
  3. The fixed fingers and wrist
  4. Suppression a stroke or rheumatoid arthritis finger deformed fingers
  5. Main effects: inhibition finger stroke or rheumatoid arthritis caused by deformed fingers, to prevent the fingers bent spasm or atrophy.

Training methods:
1.The fingers spread apart, keeping your fingers in the correct extension position.
2.Finger patients with severe flexion need help by others , patients with mild flexion tension, can wear it by himself.
Should practice under the guidance of the rehabilitation division or caregiver. Compliance with "progressive" principle, according to the specific circumstances of trainers gradually increase the difficulty of training or training time.
Inhibiting flexor muscle spasm, keeping fingers metacarpophalangeal joints and full extension joints, metacarpophalangeal joints and prevent finger joint flexion deformity. Can effectively relieve stroke, cerebral infarction, stroke and other patient's finger cramps.

Size: About 25 x 18cm
Suitable body height: Suitable for the height between 150cm-180cm


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