Strong Finger Grip Exercise

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  • The sound  of your  instrument is not correct when the finger strength of the guitarist etc is insufficient, and it is easy to touch/collide other strings. After using the finger power device, the finger power can be significantly improved.
  • When playing the piano, guzheng, etc., the finger power is not enough, you can use the finger power device to improve.
  • Guitar, piano, ancient instruments and rock climbing, martial arts, gymnastics, judo and other sports practice range
  • Really effective finger force trainer, improve finger strength, better grasp, and each finger directly gets effective exercise.
  • In combination with the stroke direction of the finger grasping, the thumb side obtains a certain movable space, effectively avoiding the tingling sensation caused by the circular pull ring excessively squeezing the side of the thumb.

Thumb spring wire diameter :2.0
Index finger spring wire diameter :1.5
Middle finger spring wire diameter :1.4
Ring finger spring wire diameter: 1.3
Small thumb spring wire diameter :1.2

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